Elderly-centered Jar Opener (All-in-one Opener)

It is a over-shaped handle which is able to handle wide range of jar diameters and medicine bottle caps. The vee-shaped handle is able to open can food lip and tin lips. With the additional stand attached to the jar opener, it required little force and it is user-friendly.

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Step 1: Design/ 3D Model of Jar Opener

The jar opener is consisted of 3 component:

1) Opener

2) Stand

3) Base

Attached is the STL and Autocad file for the 3 components.We have used autocad file for the design of the jar opener and used 3D printing process (FDM process) to print the opener while the stand and base were made by acrylic materials. The 3 components can be printed by FDM process.

Step 2: Attached the Rubber Belt to the Jar Opener

The last step is to attach the rubber belt to the 3D printed jar opener as shown in the attached figure.

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