Elecctronic Ballast As Flyback Driver Part 2 Output of 200kv


Introduction: Elecctronic Ballast As Flyback Driver Part 2 Output of 200kv

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Hi,you all have gone through different types of flyback driver like zvs,transistor driven etc.But i will tell you most easiest and cheapiest one and most powerfull one.In my first part i disscussed how to get output upto 100kv. Now,in this part I will discuss how too get 200kv and spark upto 8 inches.

Step 1:

Step 2:

Now find the feedback coiling in the flyback transformer and join the remaining two wires to it.that's all you will get massive sparks upto 8 inches and output voltage of 200kv.But don't dare to touch the hv red wire it will be more dangerous than before bacause your body is in contact with earth.you will get it here https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-find-the-primary-and-the-secondary-coils-of/ finding feedback is just like finding primary coil 

Step 3:

Yov can connect a pc fan in electronic ballast as it will get too hot and ofcourse it is more powerfull than zvs driver



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    I had take a flyback transformer and a pholips sumo slim ballast.
    I measure the 4 wire of ballast with voltmeter range 1000v dc one black and one white wire give me 37 reading in voltmeter then i wire a wire around ferrite core of transformer and join thewire of ballast to it but it not work

    Plzzzzz help me

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    basically your black wire is ground terminal of ballactics connect it to one terminal of primary winding and change connection with white wires

    and ofcourse you need to use electronic ballastics dont use copper wounded one

    first of all you need to find the primary winding of your flyback transformer and different ballatics have different configuration just try to connect alternatly

    I used this method but not work

    can you explain how this driver works ?

    That would indicate that about 80kv or less was being generated typically. Even so this is very impressive, as most flybacks would die at these voltages (the internal insulation just can't take the voltage).

    any technology that requires hv of 200kv and that too of dc can be used with this part

    so what is the normal use of this part and what are you trying to use it for?