Elecraft KX3 Cardboard Desk Stand




Introduction: Elecraft KX3 Cardboard Desk Stand

KX3 is one of the best outdoor friendly radio. Everything in one module, excellent performance of receiver, ATU, and ergonomics of use which is hard to compare to any other radios. But when you use it at home, angle of built in feet's are too low. Thats why you can find a lot of commercial desk stands for KX3, which are rather expensive like for piece of plastic.

I like cardboard things, because you can make almost everything from cardboard. All of us have cardboard at home, from old package of TV set or your radio ;-) It's easy to make, cheap, usefull and envionment friendly.

All you need is :

1. Bit of patience

2. Piece of cardboard (best is 3 layer 6mm cardboard for a more stable construction)

3. Sharp utility knife

4. Glue

Step 1: Print Both PDF Files.

Step 2: Glue Prints on a Piece of Cardboard

Step 3: Cut All Elements

This step needs bit of patience because thick cardboard is hard to cut.

I don't know how thick is your cardboard. Thats why on prints is only a line. You need to cut this line for same thickness as your cardboard.

Step 4: Assemble All Parts Together

Step 5: The End.

To improve stability you can glue all the connections.

Have nice day, ENJOY !!

VY '73 Tom de SP7Q

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3 Discussions


4 years ago

Kontrast cenowy :)


4 years ago

thanks a lot, I made a lot of prototypes before post that one


4 years ago

Nicely done, this is a good looking little stand. Cardboard is so versatile! :)