Electric BBQ



Introduction: Electric BBQ

Let's make an electric BBQ!

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Step 1: You Will Need

1. Board x1

2. Nickel Chromium Resistance Wire (Produce Heat) x1

3. Plug with Wire x1

4. Aluminum Extrusions x 2

5. Angle Plates Fit Extrusions x 4

6. M4 Bolts and Nuts Fit Extrusions x8

7. Wood Screws x4

8. Alligator Clips x2

9. Padded Woods x2

10. Screwdriver x1

Step 2: Assemble the Aluminum Extrusions and the Angle Plates

1. Tighten the bolts and nuts through the angle plate's holes loosely.

2. Put the nuts into the aluminum extrusion grooves.

3. Fasten the bolts tightly.

These two aluminum extrusions are used to fix the heating wire, you can also use other materials to fix the heating wire.

Step 3: Fix the Aluminum Extrusions on the Board

1. Use the wood screws to lock the angle plates into the board.

2. Just keep tighten the screws.

It takes time and hard work to tighten the screws. You may use an electric screwdriver to help you.

Make sure the distance between two aluminum extrusions fit your heating wire.

Step 4: Fix the Heating Wire

1. Put the wire between the washers and the angle plates.

2. Fasten the bolts and nuts.

Step 5: Pinch Some Clay

1. Since the heating wire will hang down after heating, we can use some clay to fix its height.

You can choose other materials.

Just make sure it is not conducting.

The shape of the clay isn't really important.

Step 6: Clip the Power Wire

1. Just put the wire through the angle plate's holes and use the alligator clips to fix it.

Step 7: Set the BBQ Net

1. Adjust the position of the BBQ net and two padded woods.

Step 8: Finish

Let's try it!

Enjoy your BBQ!

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