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This is my electric bmx build on a bmx mongoose frame. I started out by buying the bmx and stripping it of its tackie decor before adding my own style to it. Once I had done that I then purchased an electric 500w motor and 48v controller. I mounted the controller on the rear part of the frame with only some cable ties and used an old camera case to conceal most of the wires. Then came the lacing of the motor to the front wheel. As the wheel was 390mm across the internal part of the rim I was able to measure the size of spoke needed once I had taken the measurement for the hub from top to bottom which was 245mm so I had around 145mm or so to play with. I then ordered 200x80mm pre cut and threaded spokes and nipples, the rim only took 36 spokes in total so began to thread each one evenly around the rim to the hub motor eventually tightening each one precisely. My final finishings where the laid back seat post and retro looking handle bars. All it needs now is a battery which are expensive lol



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    Stack some Lithium polymer batteries used for Remote Control projects. They are quite compact and handle a very large current. If you do, make sure you pay strict attention to the individual cell voltage. Do not let any of them fall below 3.7 volts. Doing so will cause early demise of the battery.