Electric Car Power Bank




Hey, am Thigiru. I decided to experiment various approaches of designing one of my old cars into electric.

Click here to see one of the rough sketch video.

Step 1:

I started by first designing a metallic box that would fit well on the car's under hood.

Step 2:

I made 20 cells in parallel and made those stacks to form 30 series terminals. the total voltage for the bank was 126 volts.

Step 3:

I used super 2, 500 farad super capacitors for lithium ion balancing. I used 12 volts relays which were run from a cd4017 decade counter. The super capacitors ensured that my li-ion batteries had a balanced voltage at all times.

My power bank was about 12kw in capacity and looked a little complex with many wires inside.



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    Basically, the power bank was connected to driving dc motor through a pwm power controller. I also did put the regenerative braking factor to harness power back to the bank. The car ran well at top speed of 70mph but the motor would heat much.