Electric (LED) Marshmallow




Introduction: Electric (LED) Marshmallow

About the Electric Marshmallow.

As far as I can tell, this is the first Electric Marshmallow LED project I've ever seen.
I was looking for a very simple LED project that a group of 8 year olds can complete, and this fit the bill. Other similar projects I tried frustrated the kids. They had problems taping things securely and parts kept falling off.

Marshmallows are fast, sticky, forgiving, and even better, loads of fun for kids.

Step 1: Parts You Need

one (1) medium or jumbo marshmallow
one (1) CR2032 or similar 3v watch battery (15 cents in bulk)
two (2) 5mm 3v LEDs
a dull knife or popsicle stick

Note: If you're not familiar with LEDs, the long leg of the LEDs will touch the plus side of the battery. Test that out now, before you get your hands covered in sticky marshmallow.

Step 2: Cut the Back of the Mashmallow

Cut a line in the back of the marshmallow with a stick or dull knife. Make it a least a half inch deep.

Step 3:

Push the legs of one LED together and push the LED into the front of the marshmallow so the legs pop out of the cut you made earlier. Do the same with the second LED.

Step 4: Insert the Battery

Shove the battery into the back side of the marshmallow. Slide it between the LED wires so the long leg of each wire is touching the plus side of the battery and the short leg is touching the other side. The LEDs should both light up.

You're done! Now go grab some more marshmallows or toothpicks and decorate your electric marshmallow. As my kids point out, you don't even need glue. Just get the section of the marshmallow wet to get it sticky.

(This is my first instructable, so constructive feedback is appreciated.)

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