Electric Pencil Sharpening Machine Using Scrap Materials




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This Is My Second Instructable Showing How to Make Electric pencil Sharpener

Step 1: Things Necessary

12v DC Motor



circular box


Step 2: Make a Hole on the Cap So That the Motor Fixes Inside the Cap

Step 3: It Should Get Fixed As Shown in Image

Step 4: Fix the Switch to the Box

Step 5: Wiring Is Done As Per Necessary

Step 6: Use the Clay to Stick Motor Shaft to the Pencil Sharpener

Step 7: Similar Box Is Taken and the Box Is Cut at Bottom So That It Gets Fixed on Top of First Box

Step 8: Seal It Using Hot Glue

Step 9: Allow It to Dry

Step 10: the Working of This Shrpener Is Awesome Recomended to Watch Video Https://youtu.be/bWZ8S0Uq7Pw



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