Electric Penny Board V1




Introduction: Electric Penny Board V1

this electric penny board is a prototype for a bugger skateboard

Step 1: What You Will Need

  1. penny board
  2. lego 8881 battery box
  3. lego 8883-M motor
  4. 2 technic gear 40 tooth
  5. lego technic axle 8
  6. lego technic bushing stop
  7. 4 lego 68.8 x 36 weel rim
  8. any duct tape
  9. 6 AA batteries

Step 2: Motor Setup

  1. put AA batteries in lego 8881 battery box
  2. connect the lego 8881 battery box to the lego 8883-M motor

Step 3: Gear Setup

put 2 technic gear 40 tooth on the lego technic axle 8 and add the lego technic bushing stop after the 2 40 tooth gears

Step 4: Final Motor and Gear Setup

put the axle in the lego 8883-M motor

Step 5: Control

  1. tape the battery box to the penny board

Step 6: Wheels

1. put the 4 lego 68.8 x 36 weel rim on the wheels.

Step 7: Final Setup

  1. duct tape the whole motor to the penny board so that the gears touch directly to the wheel.

Step 8:



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    3 Discussions

    This is just a prototype. The real one will be coming soon!

    Any video of you actually standing on it and using the motor?

    That's a neat mod, thanks for sharing :)