Electric Propeller Motorbike That Run Fast



Introduction: Electric Propeller Motorbike That Run Fast

Hi guys today i 'm gonna show you how to make very exciting electric motorbike which was driven by propeller ,i'm always interested to used recycle material and make something new and these interesting ideas coming in my mind for watching the science fiction movies.
In this instructable i used old pepsi bottles cap and use the old mobile litium ion battery for powering the bike which was make the my bike light in weight and result its runs very fast.
I hope you guys explore my project, in this project i given you step by step very easy instructions to make your own one.

Step 1: Some Pictures of My Bike

Step 2: Make the Wheel Section

for Making the Wheel First thing you Wanna to do is find the Centre of the Bottle caps ,
take the one small sheet of paper and place bottle cap over it now draw the circle around the cap with the help of pen or marker .
cut out the circle from the paper.

Step 3:

Next step is fold the circle into the half part.

Step 4:

And again fold half circle into the half part.

Step 5:

Now open your circle and you can see in the middle of the circle cross section was created due to folding.
mark the centre point with the help of pen.
place the circle over the bottle cap be sure that circle cover all the of the cao properly .
now make the hole at centre of the cap.

Step 6: Stick the Two Caps Together

join the two caps to each other by use of super glue

Step 7:

use the bamboo stick to support the wheel.
insert the bamboo stick on the wheel centre hole and passing through it.

Step 8:

there is a tricky part for bend the bamboo stick on the exact corner location of the wheel, carefully bend the bamboo stick on the wheel corners and done.

Step 9:

make the another wheel like first one and use the superglue stick the bamboo bending part so the bamboo becomes strong on the corner sides.

Step 10: Add Battery

Now join the litium ion battery as a base material and also as a power supply of the bike ,use the superglue and stick the wheel on the battery as shown in the picture.

Step 11: Add Front Wheel

Add the front wheel of the front side of the battery.

Step 12: Solder the Battery Wire

solder the battery positive and negative part for power connection.

Step 13: Make the Propeller

Cut the middle part of the plastic pepsi bottle and make small strip.
make the centre hole on the strip and insert into the motor.
rotate the end of the strip in opposite direction of each other and make propeller shape from the strip.
And now stick the propeller on the motor by use of superglue.

Step 14: Attached the Bottle Cap at Bottom of the Motor

Attached the bottle cap at the bottom of the motor and stick it with the electrical tape .

Step 15: Attached the Motor on the Bike

Use the superglue apply on the surface of the battery and stick the motor on it.

Step 16: Make the Handle of the Bike

Use the matchstick and fire it and apply to the pen refill with some air gap and hold the matchstick around 4 sec then remove the matchstick and bend the pen refill with an angel 90 degree and apply this process on the all section of the pen refill for making the Shape of the handle.

Step 17: Attached Headlight to the Handle

Use your old torch remove the led portion of the torch and use it as a bike headlight .
Stick the headlight to the handle with the help of electrical tape.

Step 18: Attached the Headlight and Handle to the Bike

Glue the eraser and stick above the motor then use of superglue attached the handle on the front side .
here eraser support the handle and make easier to stick the handle on the right place.

Step 19: Add Switch

Use one small switch and solder switch with battery wire and stick the switch on the bike right side or left side as you want.

Step 20: Make Small Chair of Bike

Cut the small strip from the plastic bottle and cover all the part of the strip with black tape or you can use any colour tape .
stick the strip on the right place of the bike you can see in the given picture.

Step 21:

Cover all the chair and motor part of the bike with the black tape or you can use any colour tape as you want, its make the bike looks great.

Step 22: Final Touch

decorate your bike with your own style which make your bike looks cool.

Step 23: Your Bike Is Ready

Play vedio

thanx for watching my instructable
i hope you guys like my instructable and explore my project.

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