Electric Pump Powered Spud Gun




Introduction: Electric Pump Powered Spud Gun

It is a simple ball valve pneumatic spud gun but instead of a hand pump it uses a 12V electric pump (originally a car pump), I reconnected it to a 12V battery I had laying around (as you do), it uses a 2.25L bottle for air storage I suppose. By the way it uses a hell of a lot of duck tape! just something to keep in mind. it refills in about 10 - 15 seconds, compared to pumping for about 1 - 2 mins.



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    Hi, I been looking for this Motor you used, just can't find it, need your help please where I can get the same, I look forward to your reply.

    In order from best to worst:

    1. Steel pipe or pressure vessels approved for compressed air (like a fire extinguisher)

    2. Copper pipe

    3. Pressure rated ABS

    4. Sch. 120 PVC

    5. Sch. 80 PVC

    6 Sch 40 PVC

    7. SDR 26 PVC

    8. SDR 21 PVC

    9. Metal DWV pipe

    10. Thin wall plastic DWV pipe

    11. Cellular core plastic DWV pipe

    12. Empty aerosol cans

    13. Empty soda bottles

    14. Empty soda cans

    15. Tin cans, water bottles, glass bottles and other containers for storage only.

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    You are right. Use only old fire extinguishers and metal pipe.

    thanks, it's been upgraded to a straight line style gun, with an air compressor quick release valve to the air pump with a blow-off valve so it has constant preassure to smaller air tank

    How much bar does it give? and how long does it shot? Thanks a lot

    its an electric car pump that I rewired so its movable with a 12V battery. thanks for commenting

    I did the same thing a while ago But i took the pump out of its case took the Psi guage out and put it on the bottle .

    Then put it in a big piece of pipe