6/12/24 Volt Electric Ride on Toys Batteries Maintenance

Introduction: 6/12/24 Volt Electric Ride on Toys Batteries Maintenance

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Maintaining you child ride on battery

Step 1: Maintaining Electric Ride on Toys Batteries

When the charge in your child’s ride on doesn’t last as long or the vehicle goes slower

It is time to check the batteries

Step 2: Removing the Lid to the Caps

These batteries are called “sealed rechargeable batteries “,if you look close to the top you will see a small slit in the lid.Using a small hobby flat head screwdriver you can pry it off. I used a rubber hammer to force the lid up.

Step 3: Getting to Individual Cells

once the lid is off you can check each cell.What happens is from usage the battery loses water. You can refill them using distilled water. You have to add the water slowly because air bubbles will form, you can let the battery sit after adding water and check again you will see the water level goes down. then you can finish filling up each cell.

Step 4: Recharging the Battery

Once you get the battery refilled you can recharge the battery and get more useage out of them.

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