Electric Toy Stuffer




This electric toy stuffer allows users to stuff their creations, such as stuffed animals, without having to worry about stuffing it with their hands. It uses items that can most likely be found at home. Although it may seem time consuming, the work is what makes it more fun!

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

Most, if not all, the materials used in this project can be found lying around at home. To make the Electric Toy Stuffer you need:

  • Round Plastic Container
  • Plastic Spiral
  • Short Plastic Tube
  • Polymer Clay
  • Power Drill
  • Stuffing
  • Glue (optional)

Step 2: Drill Holes in Container

Using a power tool, drill holes into both the bottom of the container and its lid. The hole on the bottom should be smaller than the diameter of the spiral while the hole on the top should be slightly larger than the diameter of the spiral. Once the holes are drilled, take the short plastic tube and make sure it is the same size as the hole on the top of the container. Melt the two openings together with some type of heat device; I used a soldering iron.

Step 3: Mold the Polymer Clay

Fit the clay into the bottom of the spiral so that it fits snug in it and then extend out the clay so it creates an arm. Make sure the clay is big (or small) enough to fit in the tip of the power drill. Once you have your piece of clay, remove it from the bottom of the spiral and bake it in the oven to harden, following the package directions for the time and temperature.

Step 4: Put It All Together

After the clay is hardened, attach it to the end of the spiral. Take that end and put it through the bottom of the container and take the long end of the clay and connect it to the power drill. Once the container and spiral are connected, fill the container with stuffing and close it with the lid. Place whatever you are stuffing at the end of the tube and power the drill. Be careful not to use too high of a power because the stuffing may become twisted and knotted rather than soft and fluffy.



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