Electric Trike W/Air Suspension





Introduction: Electric Trike W/Air Suspension

This build was inspired by my love of going to car shows. I really enjoy going to the larger outdoor car shows/swap meets, but hate all the walking, not to mention having to carry all the cool stuff you pickup during the stroll. So, I started looking for a cool little ride that I could zip around the car shows (and neighborhood) and maybe pull a wagon to carry any stuff I may buy. Long story short, everything that I found was either ugly, not cool, super expensive or all three. So, I decided to design and build a ride of my own. The three following videos will show the process that I went through to build this trike. The first video (more of a slideshow) will show the design and build process. The second video will explain the design features of the trike. (PLEASE note that the clicking in the second video is from the very cheap camera I was using...very annoying, I know... SORRY). The third video will show a quick ride on the trike. Thank you and thank you for watching!

Step 1: Design, Setup & Build

This video (slideshow) will show the design, setup and fabrication of the trike.

Step 2: Fabrication Pictures

Fabrication Pics!

Step 3: Trike Design Features

NOTE: The batteries were upgraded to 2 12v 50amph SLA batteries, and the rear wheels were re-spooked and straightened.

Step 4: RIDE Video

There it is...Thank you for watching!

PLEASE vote for the Trike in the Wheels Contest & Metal Contest.

Thanks Again.

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    I too, would like to see MUCH more information, it's the Shared information that helps other makers. I would also like to know top speed and what classification for licensing was determined, or is this just a fancy dust collector?

    Congratulations on all the hard work you have done on your creation and I am very glad to see the video and it worked very well for you. I have a short commute to work and I wonder if something along this line would get me back and forth to work. One disadvantage my work place resides on a steep incline heavily traveled 2 lane highway. I am in the hills of Western Pennsylvania. Great Ideas you have and hope you win the contest.

    There's not nearly enough detail. I can't stand these "show and tell" type Instructables. You're just teasing me! Where are the dimensions? Where's the bill of materials? Where's the step-by-step assembly? *grumble* It's a nice trike, and that's why I want more. Pretty please with a cherry on top!

    You don't need a differential, just put bearings on one rear wheel and have a one wheel drive like go carts.

    2 replies

    Yeah! but on a trike. You might just keep going in circles without one. lol...

    till you drop it on the ground ; )

    Without more details, it's unclear as to how or why this can functions as "air ride suspension". The actuator appears to operate with a one way valve. Air feeds into the actuator from a tank of compressed air to lift it of the ground. to lower it, the compressed air is just wasted by letting it bleed out. Thus limiting the number of times you can raise and lower the trike. Which, of course, is it's only true function. Meaning, to change the stance or profile and not as active suspension.

    It could easily be made to function as active suspension by adding an accumulator. Then the air can recirculate in and out of the actuator instead of bleeding out. The accumulator will also function similar to a shock absorber enabling the actuator to operate more like a spring. As opposed to how it currently functions...

    - actuates in single direction only when filled with compressed air.

    - actuates the opposite direction using gravity, only after purging air from system

    Be nice to get more info or some feedback from blvdminss about this Instructable so we have a better understanding of the intended use of his creation. PEACE!

    It is cool, but it seams like he's using this to gain interest in the trike & generate sales for the plans to build this yourself. I don't think he plans to share actual specs of the build. Maybe he's working on providing more info that will be added soon, but that remains to be seen. I can't give it my vote as it stands now. I'm not saying this to be rude or disrespectful, but this entry needs some improvements. After all, it's called "Instructables" for a good reason. Otherwise they could have just called it "Hey, check out what I made".

    Oh yeah needs way more info listed. Were you get your parts from? How much $$$ this ride set you back?

    I would like more info this looks like a cool build

    hi i like it a lot would just like more specs on the frame sizes and thickness

    Very cool looking build.

    I don't know if it's just me but why build the frame so the air strut can lower the rear subframe to the ground?

    Does the way you have it designed actually do any shock absorbing?

    Because it doesn't look like it would.

    But then we really don't know what spec air strut/shock you used.

    That's what I was wondering


    4 years ago

    hi which motor u r using for this bike