Electric Chair on a Budget




This chair can be made out of a lot of scrap material or purchased material for around $20.

materials needed
5 - 2x4
1 - 3/8 sheet of plywood (only a partial piece needed)

This will get you the chair.

Additional Items to finish the look. ( I had most of it laying around the house)
hard hat insert
12 gauge wire (I used a piece of tow harness)
black spray paint
butane torch (to burn the wood and give it an aged look)
old leather belt (cut up for wrist straps)
A/C strobe light
cheap extention cord
Doorbell (homedepot)
transformer (homedepot)
foot pedal extention cord
cheap plastic skulls

lights and sounds
splice cheap extention cord to transformer (this is 110v so leave it alone if your not comfortable wiring)
transformer to doorbell (mount to back of chair)
stuff the bell with papertowels (this give loud rattle instead of a ring)
plug doorbell and strobe into foot controlled cord (place strobe behind chair)
tape switch to under side of chair arm or leave on floor

Assembly dimensions were a guideline to the finished product.
My chair has held up to 400lbs for entire night of halloween fun.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    I really like the doorbell idea ! Our electric chair got moved around the haunt for several years but the past 2 it has served as my "throne" at the entrance and I've been considering adding skulls like you did, now that I've seen yours I'm even more sure it will add a nice touch

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