Electric Tooth Brush Organiser

Introduction: Electric Tooth Brush Organiser

You know the problem?

Tooth brushes in the bathroom falling over and over again. You reach for the soap and there they go again. Its like a domino game. If one tooth brush falls, the others will follow.

For this I designed the tooth brush organiser. You print this with a 3D printer.

If the holder of the tooth brush is is thicker on one side it will fit. My Philips sonicare fits upside down. The Braun Oral-B in normal position.

Step 1: Start Printing

Here a picture of the printing process and the end result. I used white PLA.

  • Layer 0.2mm
  • Nozzale: 0.4mm
  • 20% honeycomb infill

The tooth brush holder is in use for a month now and works great!

There are three .STL files provided for 2,3 and 4 brushes.

If you would like to do your own customisation you can use the openscad file.

ENJOY and be organised!

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