Electric/Acoustic Guitar Secret Compartment!

Here is a way to make use of the part of a guitar if you have broken electronics and no use for the electronic system (But don't want to have that space worthless!) 

(Note: The acoustic portion of guitar will maintain sound and playability!) 

You will need: 
Acoustic/Electric Guitar (preferably with broken electronics) 
Mint can, or something similar. 
Electrical Tape
Hot Glue
Free Time

Step 1: Take Out Electronics!

In this step, simply take out the electronics and see what exactly you have to work with. 

Step 2: "Dismantle"

In this step, take out the parts that well... Take up space. Computer chips, wires, etc. This can be done by brute force with a hammer. (Or more delicately with a pair of pliers. Suggested)   

Be careful when doing this that you keep the knobs/sliders in place to maintain the look. I used electrical tape to do this. 

Step 3: Now Make It a Compartment!

After you have cleared out the electronics, find what you want to replace it with. I chose a wrigleys mint canister, as it's size fit perfectly for what I needed. 

Take your desired canister and glue it in place. 

Step 4: Get'cho Stuff to Keep!

Now, something not addressed was the battery space. This is another very simple "Hidden compartment" which I use for picks. 
You now have two different compartments in your guitar; one simply accessed and recognized and another more well hidden and harder for others to "stumble across" in which you can keep more important things. (Flash drives, money, etc.) 

Step 5: Compartmentalize It!

Put your things of desire into their respective canisters and then insert into the guitar! Screw the cover back on, and whala! 

Step 6: Finished!

Close everything up, and to the average eye you have yourself a completely normal guitar! Use your compartments as needed, as I'm sure the pick one will come in handy!

(Pictures below are WITH compartments installed) 



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