Electrical Hiding Place

Find an electrical outlet

Step 1: Unscrew

Unscrew the electrical outlet and save the screws

Step 2: Money

Get your money and fold it into a square, then insert the cash into the open outlet

Step 3: Repeat

Do so with other notes and insert

Step 4: Screw Back Plate

Screw back the plate

Step 5: Use Outlet

Use the outlet as normal

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    3 years ago on Introduction

    I've gotta agree with the other people on this one. I cringe when I take out a fixture doing repairs even after I've flipped the breaker. They do make a similar stash box that's been around for years and holds a lot more plus it has no power to it so you won't get electrocuted. Granted because it's been around for years most addicts are gonna know about it because they probably have one to stash their drugs in so having a functioning power cord coming out would make it more secure Most of the time people breaking into your house do it as quickly as possible though and go for items such as your electronics, guns, video equipment, whatever will sell. You could buy one of the old stash boxes off of Amazon for $7 bucks and then wire in a button battery and have the wires go to a cell phone charger or something and just light up an LED so it looks like the plug works. I'd imagine a double A battery would run a single LED for quite some time and then you'd just have to replace a battery on occasion. That way the only fabrication you'd need to do is get an old charger, tear it down, wire in your battery, and put it back together You can buy those things on Amazon here


    It was a good thought for the instructable and were it not for the exposed wiring and metal faceplates I'd call it an excellent idea. There's just one other problem I see and that's that the government is so bound and determined to know every aspect of our existence anymore from our location to our shopping habits and now of course our health care records, it's really just a matter of time before they start putting RFID chips in money. I notice they've made SEVERAL changes to the US currency in just the past few years and from what I understand the whole Real ID Act stopped just short of putting RFID chips in everyone's drivers license (see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/REAL_ID_Act#IDs_and_driver.27s_licenses_as_identification ) It would probably be a blessing to short out any electrical equipment the government is putting into everything but definitely not at the risk of one's home burning down or someone dying from electrocution. I can tell you from what I've read they've been using conductive inks in our currency for several years already just to cut down on counterfeiting to that being said, a conductive thread going through a bill made of cloth with 120v of AC running through it, it's going to light up like a light bulb. Of course a lot of this is conspiracy theory for now I guess but wait a year or two then slip your shiny new drivers license or crisp new $100 bill in the microwave for a few seconds and if it lights up from the microwaves you can be assured that electricity will do the same.


    4 years ago

    This reminds me of the way my grandpa had an extra, unhooked outlet in his house, and used the space behind it like this person did. Not a whole lot different, but significantly safer.


    4 years ago on Introduction

    I have to assume you forgot to mention that all the outlets in your bathroom are GFI protected otherwise this is in instructable to electrocute the poor or rich individual who may try this and gets severely injured retrieving the exposed power outlet stash.

    I know people might use some sort of a metal tool to pull the cash and inadvertently touch a hot lead while resting the other hand on a ground.

    I cooncure with Vyger's assesment of this hidyhole

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    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    Sorry about the spelling

    This is an instructable to electrocute and I concur with Vyger about dangerous ibles.


    4 years ago on Introduction

    I have to say I am not to crazy about this one. The screws on the sides of the outlet are energized with 120 volts. If you inadvertently touch one you will get a jolt that could be strong enough to kill you. If you put something metal in there and touch the side and the screw it will arc, short out and throw sparks. That is why outlets are required to be contained inside a fireproof box. I would find a safer place and not mess with the power outlets because this idea could kill someone.

    And by the way, wires don't have to be sticking out. Those screws are connected to the wires in/through the receptacle. The screws are there for adding more power lines. You are putting your paper in direct contact with high voltage AC. If it is even a little wet it will conduct electricity. And also many currencies now have foil strips in them. Don't mess with the outlets.

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    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for the info

    But it still depends on the type of outlet, modern technology etc


    Reply 4 years ago

    I highly doubt it, it really depends on the type of socket if wires are sticking out or not. Thanks for the comment