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Introduction: Electrical Match

About: I am 15 jears old and from Austria near Germany, i'm interested in electronics chemistry and physics. I do my best to upload some great Projekts which you hopefully like.

An electrical match

Step 1: Things You Need :

you'll need these parts:

Some matches
some electrical tape
obout 12 cm of flat cable

and these tools:

wire stripper
and a pair of snippers

Step 2: Prepare the Cable

take two of the wires in one piece and pull the ends apart. Then take your wire stripper and strip down about 1,02 cm of the insulation.
Now take two single strangs and twist them together.

Step 3: Prepare the Matches

take your file and make a little grove inside of your matchhead.
After this take a pair of snippers or a knife and cut it in half

Step 4: Assembly

take the half match, position it between the two leads and bend the two twisted wires over it so they go through the litle grove you made earlier.
Now take the two, twisted together, wires and twist them together with the others.

Step 5: Final Step

Take a piece of electrical tape and fix the whole thing.
and Finally take a pair of scissors and remove the excess cables, but be careful there not to cut the twisted connection of the thin cable.

Step 6: Have Fun!

To ignite it you only have to connect the two leads with a strong power source.



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    28 Discussions

    what's th minimun voltage/current for th "Strong Power Supply".

    i want to make one for arduino and control with it.

    3 replies

    The power of an Arduino wont be enough, In your case I would use something like a Lithium Batterie which can deliver the needed current.

    but can I use (relay) right :) I want to make for fire "cuetes" this is the name of fireworks on my country :)

    what's th minimun voltage/current for th "Strong Power Supply".

    i want to make one for arduino and control with it.

    And if he saw the video... So what?He made it himself, Took his own pictures, Is there a problem? I was just pointing out that TKOR did it.If you search "Elect

    1 reply

    My keyboard suddenly stopped working... What I meant was that if you search " electric match" on Google, There are 158 Million results. Anyone can make it... He didn't steal the idea, He just duplicated it.

    why do you think i've seen his video?

    after yonatan24 told me that the king of random did it before I checked out his youtube channel and I think he does great videos.

    now i subscribed to his channel.

    Ok sorry, i just tried to find it on instructables an i couldnt find an identical instructables

    Wow. 1,02 cm of insulation. You must be a very picky guy ;-)

    6 replies

    I'm German - probably like the author.

    btw: do you have any measures what current it will draw at 5V?

    I guess that would be interesting for others too. E.g. to start your New Year's firework controlled by an Arduino. In that case you likely need a good power source and some fat MOSFETs.

    hey ThomasK19 I've used an akku which was charged at about 7 volts and I measured about 10 Amps for a second or so(I can't say exactly how long because my amp meter has got a little delay) . So if you want to use them with your arduino you definitely should use some sort of relay and a strong sort of akku(in my case an NIMH).