Electrifying Your Roombox

I have a roombox that I would like to use as my Christmas card this year.  It seemed a little dark so I bought two off the shelf Christmas village street lights, cut them up and installed them in the ceiling.

Step 1: Prepare the Street Lights

Using a dremmel tool, carefully cut away the street light until it is a short as you want.  Be careful not to cut the wires, which are randomly glued in.

Cut the wires leaving an inch or two sticking out of the fixture.

Step 2: Installing the Street Lights

Drill holes in the top of your box and thread the main wire through.

On the fixture twist together the two yellow wires and the two red wires.  Using a soldering iron, solder the red to one of the main wires and the yellow to the other.  Make sure the red and yellow don't touch by having one color a bit shorter than the other.

Carefully pull the wires up through the holes and wrap with electrical tape.

I finished off the top of the lights with a small piece of rolled fimo.



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    6 years ago on Step 2

    Very cool! What is that "main" thing you are using? Is it readily available?

    1 reply