Electro-Luminescent T-Shirt


Introduction: Electro-Luminescent T-Shirt

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Make your own Electro-Luminescent T-Shirt which looks amazing and Jaw-dropping with just a few simple steps.

We the team 'LightBugs' created this costume for a Dance Competition.

El-Wires have been around for a while, they work on high AC Voltages.

You could bring out your creativeness and imagination with El-wires.

You need to have soldering and stitching experience.



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    Can you please address the issue of safety for me? Just what can go wrong here, and what can a small battery do?

    I am having a difficult time thinking that this can be a real problem, other than the lights going out.

    Thanks for posting this, I am thinking of all that can be done with this information.

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    Well, the inverter converts the 3 volts to a 90 ~ 120 Volts , 2000 Hertz output . There is a possibility of the person wearing this costume to get a electric shock which is not fatal because of the lower current value . So, insulating the ends should be our first priority.


    3 years ago

    luv ur design ?