Electromagnetic Induction : Wireless LED

Introduction: Electromagnetic Induction : Wireless LED

Hello Everyone,

In this instructable we will be glowing a LED using induced current in coil.

How current is induced in coil?

When magnetic flux linking the coil changes an emf is induced in the coil whose magnitude is given by Laws of electromagnetic induction.

Step 1: Parts

For this instructable we will need:

  1. A 2N2222 NPN transistor
  2. Insulated copper wire
  3. A LED
  4. A 1.5 V battery
  5. Soldering tools

You can get Insulated copper wire from old DC motors or transformers.

Step 2: The Circuit

Solder all the parts according to the circuit diagram shown above.

Step 3: Done

Now place the coil of the LED above the coil of the transistor.

You could see the LED glowing due to induced emf in the coil of the led.

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3 Discussions


Question 3 months ago on Step 2

What is the purpose of transistor here?


Question 9 months ago on Step 3

Is it possible to reduce the diameter of the receiver coil?