Electronic Display for Both Blind and Non Blind

About: Currently CEO at a Microchip Payments. Opensource contributor /Domain Expert for IEEE(Special Interest group).I design and develop opensource tools for Visually Impaired.

This project aims at presenting a model of an electronic display system that displays

Braille data for the blind and also displays the data which is visible to non blind people on a single display unit.

This project was sponsored by Karnataka state council for science and technology,India.

And was Enlisted among Top 50 Innovations at Intel DST challenge 2015.

This project is built using two PIC microcontrollers but this design can be implemented using simple arduino uno

The objective of this project is to demonstrate possibility of this kinds of display units.

My other works dedicated to blind includes a portable braille learning kit using audio feedback with braille keyboard interface . Click on below link to view that project.


Step 1: Design and Development

Step 2: Program



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