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Introduction: Electronic Drums

Here is a set of electronic drums I made. I made them from blank Keller shells. The bass drum is a 20X20 8ply maple tom sizes are 10",12",13",16" (I will soon make a 14" to replace the 16 because it takes up too much room). the snare is a 4X13. The only thing that is triggered are the bass drum and the toms. I use an Alesis DM5 and a Alesis D4 for the module. I midi the DM5 and D4 together. the toms are dual triggered. The finish I also made in photoshop and used a roland sp54v to print it out on vinyl then clear coated it. Then I put the vinyl on white drum wrap and installed it on the drums. I made the triggers out of the piezo buzzers from radio shack. The cones I made from silicone and I used a metal break to bend the aluminum for the cross rails to hold the triggers. I got the mesh the mesh heads from Billy Blast Drums (they are great) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TmX4Qs0St50&feature=player_embedded.

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