Electronic Helping Hand




You are work with arduino/raspberry pi or both of them, and you need some helping but you are too poor or dont have time to wait to your "Ebay" delivery. here's something that help you home made "Electronic Helping hand". Its easy and low cost. so lets start.

Step 1: What Do You Need

Step 2: Add the Nails

Take the wood block and put the nail on it help with the hammer. Try not to hit the nail too much because you want that stay stable.

Step 3: Curve the Paper Clips

Curve the paper clips It doesnt matter if the paper clips arent straight. Just Curve Them!!!

Step 4: Put the The Paper Clips on the Nail

Put the the Paper Clips on the Nail It may be difficult so you can get help by Pliers like i did. Make sure the paper clip is securely attached to the nail.

Step 5: Connect the Crocodiles to the Paper Clip

Connect the crocodiles to the Paper clip. Make sure the crocodiles is securely attached to the Paper clip.

Step 6: The Last Step Is to Add Battery

Now you need battery to try your LED/Somthing Else. Connect the battery to the block with sellotape. and that's it your helping hand is done now you can start working.

Step 7: You Finish Start Working

And that's it your helping hand is done now you can start working.



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    6 Discussions


    6 months ago

    I don't know that what useful for this project?


    1 year ago

    what is the use of battery in helping hand?


    1 year ago

    Cool! You could add shrink tube to alligator clips so you don't accidentally make a short circuit :)

    1 reply