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Hi guys I have another super easy instructable for you. U can make for any science exhibition or science fair. I made this as a science exhibition project. In this instructable, I'm going to explain the circuit of the device.

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Step 1: Circuit

U can see the circuit schematic in the picture.
Components :
1) A 9v battery
2) an led bulb
3) two crocodile clips
4) wires
5) paper clips
6) a board to make the game board.

U have to attach equal no. of paper clips to both the edges of the board.put pieces of paper underneath the paper clips. Write all the questions on one side and all their answers on the other side in a jumbled way(like "match the following ").

Turn it around and connect all the questions' paper clips to their respective answers' paper clip. In this way the questions and their answers are electrically connected. That's all and now u have to follow the schematic.

U can can select the question and the answer using the crocodile clips. When the right answer is connected to the question, because they are connected using wires electricity is allowed to pass and the circuit is completed and the light is being lighted otherwise not.

Step 2: Play Your Game

Select your question and the answer and the light will light. U can even connect a buzzer but it consumed too much energy and didn't allow the light bulb to light properly so I removed it as I didn't had much time so I avoided the use of resistors and capacitors.

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