Resistor Reading Tips

Introduction: Resistor Reading Tips

To determine the value of a resistor you must carry a chart with you.  The color band can represent  any one of  ten numbers 0 - 9.
While in the Air Force,  57 years ago, learning basic electronics the instructor wrote this mnemonic on the board and I never had problems with resistors since;  

     Mnemonic                           Bad    Boys  Romance Our  Young  Girls    But    Violet Giggles Wittingly

    Color code                           Black  Brown  Red   Orange Yellow  Green  Blue  Violet  Gray     White
    for resistors                            0         1         2        3            4          5           6        7         8         9

The whole idea is to be able to read the value of a resistor without the chart.  Memory aids have always played a part in technology.

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