Electronic WorldMap

Hi Folks,

here's a stuff i decided to make because i couldn't find any that suits me.

It's the first electronic thing i've made, so that's not the better way to do it, because i knew nothing before making it ; i think that a professional would rather have a sepukku than doing this like a did, but nevermind, it was for fun.

I wanted to have an electronic planisphere that could show me countries i've been to. But i wanted to have something looking engough good so that i could have it in my room.

Moreover, i wanted an lcd screen that could print the country and the cities i've visited. The prupose is to be a tool (geography) and have some fun while building it.

I started to test some coding that will do the job, and posted it on my blog, to keep the phases of conception.

Here is what i needed to build this :

- an ikea frame (that's why i consider it as an ikehack :) )

- a worldmap (tough one, plastic one)

- blue leds (number depends on the countries)

- shift registers (depends on number of leds)

- an arduino Uno

- an lcd 16*2 (blue screen)

- a 9v battery

- a switch (stolen from a lamp :) )

- boards or breadboards

- wires

- a soldering iron

- tin

- power cable for battery with arduino link

- thermo retractable tape

- some patience

First, i had to get the leds through the map, and cut the map so that the lcd screen can appear ; like this :

Then i soldered the wires on the leds : two colours corresponding for anode and cathode

Then i cut the switch, made holes in the frame to let the cable go through, and had to link it to the power cable.

Next step was to solder the lcd screen,

Fix everything on the board, and test .

You can find the full steps and the code on stuff.neurometal.com

Thanks for watching, hope you'll find this not too bad. I'll post the full work and all steps when 'ill get some rest, too much work for the moment, but i wanted to share this idea, which is quite simple

Have a nice day,

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    4 years ago on Introduction

    Well the sepukku thing is a private joke in fact :) one friend of mine is a professional in electronic stuff, that's the story ;)

    i like very much antioch comment, arf !

    keep on hackin' and playin', and sharing


    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    Samurai thing.
    When you, like, throw yourself into your own lightsaber on purpose in order to restore Palpatine's honor. Then you whirl it around a bit to mess up your intestines beyond repair. And then you have someone chop off your head just to make sure.


    That's such a cool concept, I love the idea of showing where you've traveled via the lights, and of course the LCD screen because I can't remember names at all. I would think it'd be very helpful to small children as well, give them a more visual clue of how far away you really went. This is an awesome project!

    1 reply

    thanks a lot, it's true that i've also made it for my chlidren : we've been in some countries they couldn't find on a map few months later : now, they can see them, and they use it much more than me :)