Electronic Ballast Flyback Driver Part 1 to Get 100kv

Introduction: Electronic Ballast Flyback Driver Part 1 to Get 100kv

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Hi,you all have gone through different types of flyback driver like zvs,transistor driven etc.But i will tell you most easiest and cheapiest one 

Step 1:

Objects required
1) Flyback Transformer(in india it is known as EHT)
2) Electronic ballast(in india it is known as choke)
3) Multimeter

Step 2:

There are 6 wires in electronic Ballast. They are present in sets of 2 wires and 4 wires
let label 2 wire as "wire set 1" and 4 wire set as "wire set 2".Connect the  wire set 1 to the main supply. 

Step 3:

Now switch on the supply.It''s time to find the output of the Electronic ballast,tune the multimeter in 1000 dc voltage range check the wires the sets of wire in which you will get variable voltage that two wires will be the output wires.Caution take care that both wires should not touch each other.

Step 4:

naah! you counld not found it

Step 5:

Congo! guys you found it

Step 6:

you foind it lets paaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrtyyyyyyyyyyy

Step 7:

now begin sparkings
 i can say that it slightly less powerfull than zvs driver
because it melted a pin to ashses

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