Electronic Wood Crane

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Intro: Electronic Wood Crane

This is a guide to make a simple electronic wood crane

Step 1: Material List

· MDF Board 600mm X 600 mm (It doesn´t have to be that big)

· Duct Tape

· String

· Iron shaft 2mm diameter og 20mm Length (You can also use a wodden shaft)

· Snap connector for a 9-volt battery

· 9-volt battery

· ON/OFF Switch

· 100mm Shrink tubing

· 5 Volts motor

· Wire

· Super Glue

Step 2: List of Tools

· Hacksaw

· Vice

· Drill

· Drill bits

· Hammer

· Laser Cutter

· Sandpaper

· Diagonal Cutter

· Soldering Iron

Step 3: Sketch

We did a raw drawing of the crane we would build

Step 4: Technical Drawing

We drew our crane in Solid Works and afterwards we used a laser cutter

Step 5: Construction Assembly

When the lasercutter is done, pick up the pieces and if everything went well you should be able to build the crane.

We used a lot of glue to hold it together and at the top of the crane we put som duck tape on so it will keep it together.

Step 6: The Electronic Assembly

We glued the string to the DC electromotor and the battery to the crane.

Afterwards we used a soldering iron to connect the battery to the switch and to the motor.

At last we used duck tape to attach the switch to the battery

Step 7: Finish!



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