Electronics Project: DC or Stepper Motor Mounting Bracket. I Made It at TechShop

         As a thinkerer, we retrieve a lot of DC Motors or Stepper Motors.  In order to reuse these motors effectively, we need to be able to mount the motor to our devices in a precise alignment.

          We will use Autodesk Inventor to make a bracket with 4 mounting holes with and without a stand.

         The photos show couple of ways to mount the motor to a device.  This one was press fitted due to scaling issue with the Autodesk setup to the 3D Maker Bot. 


* The hole is tighter than I expected.  Add 2mm to any inside hole diameter and 2mm to outer diameter.

* I fired up the Load Filament just before pushing Make It button.  This prevents my plastics from cooling off.

Further Improvements:

* For the horizontal mount, it is better to put rotate the part sideway to reduce the support material wastage.   I will make the base rectangular by shortening the sides along the shaft axis and extending the other side.  This is better design in handling torque as well.   So when 3D printing (on its side down), there would be no need for support or raft.  Wastage is reduced to zero and print time is slight reduced.

* I will add 2 tabs to interface to the screw holes on the front face of the motor.

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