Electronics Tip : Don't Throw Those Used Containers Away.

I usually find I have a few partially completed projects around and to save losing parts I keep them in containers which I might have otherwise put in the recycling.  They will also take their place alongside the more traditional drawer-type storage systems.  Fish tins and Chinese takeaway containers are two things ideal for this.  Run them through the dishwasher and give them a new lease of life as storage bins.  If you're feeling adventurous, glue a few together to make a storage rack.



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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Nasty! I've standardized on empty 1 gallon plastic water jugs myself. I cut them in half, which nets me a half gallon sized poly bin, or smaller depending on how low I cut them off. Fish tins and Chinese takeout, no thanks! I don't care how well you washed it out, that is just too funky for me! Oh yeah, the cut in half gallon jugs are stackable as they nest inside one and another fairly well.

    I'm ticked off I couldn't enter this into the contest, but I put it up too soon:


    You should get a kick out of it though.

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