Electronics Tips: Surface Mount Soldering by Hand




Introduction: Electronics Tips: Surface Mount Soldering by Hand

My tools for easy surface mount soldering:
  • Reading Glasses - Helps seeing the small components up close
  • Soldering Vise - Something steady to hold the board so you can use both hands with the small parts
  • Fine Silver Solder - Surface mount components don't need a lot of solder, a fine thread helps keep the volume of solder small
  • Good Tweezers - Placement of the components requires a small gripper
  • Liquid Rosin Flux - Sticky flux helps hold the component down while also helping the solder adhere to all soldering surfaces
  • Spaghetti Noodle - Dipped quickly in the flux it provides a accurate tool to apply a small amount of flux to the board where needed (its cheep and disposable).

My tips for easy surface mount soldering:
  • Use large Surface Mount Components if possible. Even the larger sizes are pretty small and this makes them easier to handle by hand tools.
  • Hold the board in the vise as flat as possible to minimize slipping due to slope.
  • Use the spaghetti to apply the flux to the board for each solder pad for each component. A little flux goes a long way. A little between the pads helps keep the part from moving around until you make the first solder.
  • The first solder of each component is most important as it will hold the part for all others, so take time and it get this first one right.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Hi, Hand tools are more efficient for workers as compared to hand tools. These tools give best results when it is in an expert hand. Also it is convenient to use anywhere because it doesn’t need any electrical power.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Just say no to SMT. Easy! One star for the spaghetti noodle.