Something I put together out of spare parts, most unusable. The part that got me started was the heatsink, which looked like a vicious mouth. I added a few things to give it a body, like the mid-section, which is a box used to isolate a step-motor in a printer, and is also where I got the spring used for the neck. The eyes or head-piece came from the back of an old CRT monitor, and the tail was an old din to psi adapter. The feet are scrap transistors mounted on spring legs, which are the only things that were not scrap, along with a coupla screws and the glue I used to mount a few things. I finally stuck a few red LEDs for eyes, and a cap for a tongue. There is a surprise on the backside, as the electrosaurus does have a big appetite of electronic parts and leaves a trail of resistors where ever he goes!

As you can see, he hangs around the shop and keeps the workbench clean. I think he is part French, as he seems to love the snails as a treat.....See pics of snails or Electrosaurus snacks.... As you can see I have to keep shop towels everywhere for his....um...messes.



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    5 years ago on Introduction

    hi, good ones, take a look here:
    i am doing this kind of scrapping for years now