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Weddings are so romantic. The first indication of what type of wedding it's going to be is indicated in your card. So think carefully what theme you want and then plan your card accordingly. The texture of your card, the colors, everything depends on what you want your wedding to look like. Here is a card that is both elegant and also a bit whimsical :-)

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Step 1: ​Materials

Card stock - Metallic ( this will give the card that extra elegance )

Paper Punchers - leaf and daisy. You can purchase these easily on ebay.

box cutter


Metallic Paper


Steel ruler

Step 2: ​Make Template

As you would be making many cards it's always better to make a template of the butterfly cutouts

I have drawn two templates and uploaded the pictures. You can download the picture and enlarge it according to your card size.

Cut card stock the size of the front of your card. Trace template onto your card and cut only the outer wings. Fold wings. This would be your template.

Step 3: Cut Away

Draw the outline of the outer wings on your cards and cut as shown in picture. Cut gold metallic paper to size and glue to the back of the cutout. Make sure that your don't glue down the wings.

Punch out leaves and flowers in the contrasting metallic color.

Flowers- Cut two flowers. Press one flower in the center while placing it on foam. This will make it curve up. Glue the curved flower on top of the other flower. Let it dry.

Spiral- Cut 1mm strip of the contrasting color. Twist it around a thin wire at a 45 degree angle. This will make your spirals.

Step 4: ​Assemble

Now that you have prepared all that is necessary for your card it is time to assemble.

Dab a little glue to the spiral and make vines on the card. Glue the leaves according to picture. Now glue the flowers too. Done!

Doesn't it look pretty?

Of course if you are going to make plenty you can always get the butterflies laser cut to make it much easier.

Thanks for reading :-) Please don't forget to vote for the wedding contest! I could really use the steamer :-) lol

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    shazniPassion Make

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you so much :-) please vote as I'm so aiming for the steamer and I need all the votes I can get!


    5 years ago

    wow..these cards look so pretty..I used to make birthday cards for my sister with a similar technique.. :)

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    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks Faiza! I'm sure yours would have looked beautiful. Your presentation in your instructables are so well done that it has to be :-)