Elegant Flowers to Decorate Home(KASHFUL)

Introduction: Elegant Flowers to Decorate Home(KASHFUL)

About: This is my starting not my end.I will go further.

Make some elegant flowers to decorate your home

Step 1: Arranging Supplies

You need
news paper
anti cutter
card papers

Step 2: Cutting Part 1

Using anti cutter cut some card papers into a ractrangle shape

Step 3: Cutting Part 2

Start cutting the colourful ractrangles like harmonium

Step 4: Rolling

Start rolling the ractrangle

Step 5: Making Stick

Put some glue on the corner of the news paper
Then put the toothpick on this
Start rolling it

Step 6: Making Leaves

Take the green colour card paper which is in ractrangle shape

Then start folding it in small size

Then cut its upper part in V shape

Step 7: Making Flowers

Now put some glue on the back side of the flower and attach them with the newspaper stick
Like I show in the pictures

Step 8: Attaching Leaves

Now attach the leaves with the flower using glue

Step 9: Make More Flowers


You can decorate your home now



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