Elegant LED Desk Lamp

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Intro: Elegant LED Desk Lamp

I am not doing a step by step on this one I just don't have the time. Instead try to think of this as a puzzle to solve.

I will provide a parts & tool list should anyone wish to make this.

Vintage Kmart Bike head lamp.

Big brass pulley taken from a weightlifting machine.

Flexible snake lamp.

2 Chromed Brass bathroom sink levers.

1 Energizer 3 LED flashlight 2 or 3 AAA cell.

1 5.0 volt Dc Power supply

2 1.4 Ohm resistors ( is all I have... >:)   

Assorted Screws nuts & washers.

1 Bigger chromed Single pole toggle switch. (Radio Shack)

Low profile metal cable tv box. 

2 1/2 feet wire.( I prefer to strip a USB cable and get nice copper wire)

Gloss Black spray paint.

Tools needed are Drill motor Drill bits, solder Iron, Solder & flux and hot glue gun. 

Hope you all Like it But more importantly I hope my Father likes it!!!



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