Elegant Lingerie Envelope



This is a lined lace lingerie bag designed to keep delicate items safe and neat in a suitcase.

Step 1: Materials - Makes Two Envelopes

1/2 yard of lace fabric with finished end

1/2 yard of lining

Rotary mat, ruler and cutter

Sewing machine

Matching thread

Iron and ironing board


This amount of fabric will make two bags.

Step 2: Cutting

Lay lining fabric and lace on mat aligned carefully on top of each other.

Please notice, the scalloped edge of the lace overlaps the selvage edge of the lining fabric by about 1/4 inch.

Using folded edge of fabric as squaring guide, trim one side of your fabrics to square.

Measure 17" and cut the width 17".

At this point you will have two pieces of fabric squared and cut the same.

Without disturbing your fabric, measure from the scalloped edge 25" and cut off the fold.

You should now have four pieces of fabric cut to 17"X25".

Step 3: Sewing Lace to Lining.

Take one piece of lace and one piece of lining and sew them together at the non scalloped edge. If you can tell the difference between the right side of the lace and the right side of the lace, sew them wrong sides together.

Turn right side out and press along seam being very careful that the edges stay lined up.

Step 4: Sew Scalloped Lace Edge to Lining Selvage.

Line up the scallop edge of the lace 1/4" farther than the selvage edge of the lining fabric.


Sew 1/2" seam allowance in from the scalloped edge.

Now you are ready fold and sew the envelope.

Step 5: Beginning the French Seam on the Edge of the Envelop.

Fold the non-scalloped edge of the envelope up 11 inches wrong sides together. I used a piece of paper for easy reference.

Fold down the top of the envelope so that the fold is even with the top of the first fold.

Pin along the edge.

Sew 1/4" seam allowance on both sides.

Step 6: Trim Seam to Slightly Under 1/4".

After you have sewn the seam, trim it to slightly less than the original 1/4" seam allowance. This cleans up the sewing line and sets up for the rest of the French seam.

Step 7: Turn You Envelope Inside Out.

Now is the time to turn your envelope inside out.

Lightly press the seams and pin along the edges.

Step 8: Sew 3/8" Seam Along the Edge of the Envelope.

This seam encloses the raw edges of the last seam you sewed finishing the French seam.

Step 9: Turn the Envelope Right Side Out and Iron.

Turn the envelope right side out and press side seams. I don't usually press the top and the bottom since I think it looks pretty with the gentle folds rather than a sharp crease at the top and bottom. If you prefer a sharp crease, go ahead and press the entire envelope. The envelope flap will be folded to the back when you first turn it right side out so just flip it to the front covering the opening.



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