Elegant Beaded 'pearl' Coasters

Introduction: Elegant Beaded 'pearl' Coasters

Add a little glamour to your morning coffee with these easy to make 'pearl' coasters.

Step 1: Materials Needed

What you will need to make these awesome coasters:
- (pearl) beads; two sizes or one size whatever you prefer
- 1cm wide ribbon
- felt
- glue gun
- scissors
- needle and thread to easily pull ribbon through beads

In order to make sure that the coaster is big enough for your cup, you will need a cup filled with your favourite beverage whilst making these awesome coasters.

Step 2: Getting Started

To make life easy put some thread through a needle and make a thick knot a few cm below the needle. Then thread the needle through the top of the ribbon. Now start putting the beads around the ribbon ;).

Step 3: See If the Cup Fits

Once you feel that you have enough beads threaded around the ribbon it is time to see if it fits. Fold the ribbon with the beads until it forms a square. Make a knot at the beginning of the ribbon to prevent the beads from sliding off. Place cup and admire the beauty that will soon be permanent.

Step 4: Time to Glue!

Now the coaster has been laid out. It is time to glue the beads to the felt. That white underground is the felt. Grab your glue gun and start by glueing the first bead to the felt. Glue every other bead so you don't see too much dried glue in the end result.

Step 5: The Finishing Touches

When you are done with glueing make a knot at the end of the ribbon against the last bead. Cut the ribbon to the edge of both ends of the beaded ribbon and then cut the felt to size.

Place cup on the coaster and enjoy your beverage whilst admiring your new elegant coaster.

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