Element Block on YOUR Wall!

If you love chemistry, you'll love this! All you need simple materials around the house and you'll have great chemistry décor.

Step 1: Getting the Materials

To make this amazing work of art is (for one block):

- 9x12 colored construction paper

- 8.5x11 blank white paper

- Glue

- OPTIONAL: you can rather print out the element or write it with a Sharpie

- Some thing to stick the master piece to your wall

Step 2: Get Your Element

There are 2 options for this build: rather print out the element or write it with a Sharpie. Make sure your element has the appropriate pieces. Including:

-Atomic Number

- Abbreviation

- Name

- Atomic Mass

Step 3: Gluing the Papers

This step can be difficult. If you have multiple elements, make sure that the construction paper is grouped to the appropriate family. There are 8 families:

- Alkali Metals

- Alkali Earth Metals

- Hydrogen

- Transition Metals

- Poor Metals

- Non-metals

What this means is that all of the elements can't be all red.

Step 4: Adding to Your Wall!

Finally, you can stick your master piece to you wall! I use this blue sticky stuff that works best for me but feel free to do what ever you want. And remember, show this off to every one! Every one will be so jealous. That's all, happy chemistry!



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