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This is my element collection. Not collected all of the elements (You can't). But the idea of putting small samples in pills is good.

Before starting to work i need to give some warnings.

Pill are made for humans to swallow them. If you have a child or curious friends, please securely place the pills. Pills capsules are dissolving slowly by itself (Water and bacterias are factor). You don't need a human body for dissolving them. Keep that in mind. But the price of medical pills are not too much. You can change them if you want to.

Now lets start!

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Step 1: Working Area

In this instructabe we will use what we find. Also a syringe will be helpful.

Break the samples of elements or directly get any salt or compound
containing the element and put them into pills. I put some of them with powder which pills have. But it is not a good idea for some elements. I will list them below.

Step 2: List of Materials

Here is the compounds i made my element collection from:
1.Hydrogen: From HCL

3.Lithium: Li-Ion battery from old battery.

5.Boron: Neodmyum Magnet (You can find 2 small magnet in your PC CD/DVD.. writers laser head)

8.Oxygen: Cerium dioxide lighter flints has oxygen in them

9.Fluorine: Toothpaste (from household)

11.Sodium: Salt with sodium

12.Magnessium: Wire (Flammable! Search for it)

13.Aluminium: Foil

14.Silicon: LED (Small 3mm)

15.Phosphorus: Match plate

16.Sulfur: Match head

17.Chlorine: Potassium chloride

19.Potassium: Potasyum chloride (Known as NoSalt)

24.Chromium: Screw

26.İron: Flyback (Flyback transformers has pure iron)

29.Copper: Pure copper plate (2" x 4" sheet is 5$)

30.Zinc: Zinc-carbon battery

31.Gallium: LED(Blue leds has gallium in them, you can't be sure for it. Sorry)

32.Germanium: Germanium Diode (Zener diode in the picture)

47.Silver: From old fuse

50.Tin: Solder wire

53.İodine:Salt with iodine

58.Cerium: Cerium oxide lighter flints

60.Neodymium: Neodymium Magnet

74.Tungsten: Lamp filament

79.Gold: Pure gold (From old computer. Melted and tested with acids.)

80.Mercury: From lab

82.Lead: Fishing Weight

90.Thorium: From Uranium Rock

92.Uranium: Bought (5gr 15$) (İf you have uranium you have all of the decays including Thorium-90)

I didn't listed uranium decay daughters because they are very unstable. Some of them have 20 minute of life.


Lithium: Put in oil, because it gives reaction with oxygen very fast. (Syringe is needed)
Mercury: Gives very good weight effect.

Fluorine: Toothpaste dissolves capsule with enzymes in it. So wrap toothpaste piece with aluminium foil before putting into capsule.

Hydrogen synthesis

Hydrochloric Acid: Using in household cleaning. You can find it on markets. Also if you puke you can get HCL from it (Joking).

You will need aluminium foil for reaction.

1L Erlenmeyer Flask ($15)

Step 3: Uranium Decays

Have a look at uranium decay photo. Some of uranium atoms turned to another element billion years earlier. And the other element turned into another element years later.. With this way if you have uranium you will have all of the decay elements. Also you will have the stable Lead in it. Search it if you didn't understand.

Step 4: Lead and Hydrogen

I got the pure hydrogen from HCL. HCL gives reaction with aluminium(+3). And hydrogen vaporizes with some of metal in it. Then i filtered the gas with water in another section and filled baloon with hydrogen.

Lead is from fishing weight. I melted and gave shapes to it. Also i am using lead for my X-ray projects to protect myself from radiation.

Step 5: Bonus!

Always explore and search. You will be suprized when you learn about elements that you can never reach are near to you. (Thank to my english teacher)

April 27 2016 Edit:Yttrium is used in production of red phosphor. For this element you need to contact with CRT producers. Good luck with it!

I hope this instructable gave you some idea. Thank you for your interesting. Feel free to asking questions. And if you want me to explain how i get ... element i will help.

June 24 2017 Edit: All pills are still in good condition. I still handle them with gloves. Don't touch with your bare hands because humidity is not a good thing for that capsules. I will start searching again for new elements soon. Thank you for your interest!

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    Reply 3 years ago

    I have searched for that and also opened a crt tube. According to my experiences and searches they use yttrium for producing red phosphor. And after producing they do not put yttrium in crt tv, they only put red phosphor. So i think we cannot have yttrium.


    Reply 3 years ago

    Thanks for responding... The only source of yttrium I know of is spark plugs, as the center electrode is sometimes an yttrium alloy. I need to do more research, but I think you can get red phosphorous from the side of a box of safety matches. And don't forget to check out my instructable when you get the chance. I am glad for any suggestions you may have, as I am still working on it to make it BETTER.


    Reply 3 years ago

    I didn't have time to make this instructable better but i will tell you if i find something new. I also checked out your work. It is nice! You have bigger place than me. That is a good thing for collecting. Some of this examples will be much rare one day. Because we (people) consume this sources wildly for producing things. Sorry if my english is bad.


    3 years ago

    Yttrium and Germanium are not man-made elements.

    Elemental yttrium was first isolated in 1828 from it's oxide. It is used in phosphors of picture tubes (not electron guns), also in semiconductors and lasers.

    Germanium was first isolated in 1886. It was the first semiconductor used in early transistors.

    All of the first 92 elements are natural elements.

    1 reply

    4 years ago

    isn't it dangerous to handle Uranium? Why do it?

    1 reply

    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    My uranium sample is 5gr and it is 1000 CPM. It won't kill you if you don't inhale its dust. You can sleep with it 2 hours (6uSv) and it is equal to dental xray (5uSv).


    4 years ago

    You can get hydrogen and oxygen by running electrify through water. One will gather at anode and the other at the cathode. I forget which, last did it in high school. But they are flammable . Be careful

    1 reply

    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    It won't be much purified Hydrogen and when you electrify ionize water it will be dirty. I decided the hard way


    4 years ago

    cool idea! it would be cool to have a rough guess of price on each element.