Elemental Coasters

Introduction: Elemental Coasters

This was just a fun addition to the coffee table. I guess that I engrave everything we have because I can. I would suggest that you buy a laser cutter. Why? Why not?

I hope that you enjoy the product and layout. The file is there and is laid out for a piece of wood that is 115mmX115mm.

Step 1: File

I chose a font that is a little bit retro. The main point was to match the layout of the periodic table. But not a standard chart exists. So just used something I thought looked a little 1960's-ish

Step 2: To the Cutter

My laser is a cheap ebay piece. Nothing wrong with it. But, layout is not the most hitec approach. I lay out a square 115X115 mm. Then put my yellow pine 113x113 mm by 3/16" square inside of the layout lines.

The heat setting is pretty low. I have a dial that is set to 4. This means nothing except I know where to dial into for each material.

Step 3: Begin

Then just hit spacebar. Speed is 250mm/sec. Hope you enjoy the ible.

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    4 years ago

    hi this s the best lazer cutting ible i ever seen my fav element is gallium because it melts in your hand and can you tell me what the brand of lazer cutter you have and is it worth shipping to new Zealand thanks jimmy kitws


    Reply 4 years ago

    sorry i talked to my dad and he said was illegal to ship alcohol over 150 mls with out a clearanse code so aleast you want 150 mls stale beer i cant sent and i'm only a kid