Elephant 3D Puzzle

My sister is expecting a baby and I'm helping her creating little gifts to give to the visitors.

We decided to go for an elephant picture and print it on handkerchiefs, make little magnets and even a small 3D puzzle.




flexfolie and vinyl cutter

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Step 1: Creating the Elephant Design

Using Inkscape, I created the elephant with simple polylines. A book of websites on 'how to draw an elephant' can help in giving inspiration and get the dimensions right.

Step 2: Prototyping With Cardboard

I printed out the final design on paper and used cardboard to prototype how the 3D puzzle would look like. You can easily adjust the puzzle with scissors and find out how the ears and legs would need to fit.

I then took over this design in Inkscape again, making sure to foresee a thickness of 4 mm for the wood itself.

Step 3: Lasercutter

With the use of a lasercutter, the puzzle is lasered.

Also, the design is used with a vinylcutter too to make these handkerchiefs.



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