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Introduction: Elephant Piggy Bank

About: Hi, my name is John. My hobby is to solve problems from other people and creating nice and functional stuff out of trash. I'm living in Germany so excuse my not so fluent English (some technical terms are ha...

I've got some print out of a elephant piggy bank from my wife. So I have to build one, no excuse.

You see the template and the result, some things are different interpreted.

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Step 1: The Inner Core

The first step is to draw down the wanted figure for example a elephant and cut out the coutures.

Step 2: The Outer Layer

Just repeat the second step two more times and glue the parts together.

Step 3: Create a (nice) Notch...

I want to see the money falling... so I've cut a notch in the beak of the elephant.

Step 4: ...and a Opening for the Sphere

What should I write here? Cut a opening for the sphere. (I've used my jigsaw)

Step 5: A Opening IN the Sphere

The coin need to fall into the sphere, so cut a opening also in the sphere.

Step 6: The Bayonet Joint for the Sphere

The sphere tightly fit in the "piggy bank" and the nose of the sphere also acts as a bayonet joint.

Also the first test run, the coin actually found it's way.

Step 7: Contour Milling and Sanding

With the router I've milled the contour of the elephant. It was the first time for me, using the router free handed.

After that I've sanded everything to soften the edges.

Step 8: Ears and Feet

The elephant need some support, so I've added some feet for it and a ground plate. Also I've created something like an ear.

The funny thing about the ground plate is, that I've drawn some kind of oval on the board and sawed it somewhere else, because i was dissatisfied with the drawn result...

Step 9: Painting and Assembly

This is completely done by my wife and friends. I'm hating this, so this step is also entirely written by them...


... thats all, just look at the pics.

Step 10: Conclusion

Nearly everything works well, except coins smaller then the 50 cent these coins are falling through the view slot. The reason for that is quite simple, the inner core of the laminated elephant is to thick, when you rebuild this, only use a plate slightly thicker than your thickest coin.

Furthermore I hope, that my niece like this piece of "art"

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    3 years ago

    where did you get the clear plastic sphere from?