Elephant Smartphone Stand




About: Engineer who loves diy projects.

A simple hand-made smartphone stand made out of walnut wood in the shape of an elephant. This will definitely add character and style to your work desk or home.

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2 years ago

How is this considered an instructable?! Oh right.... it's not. But this website is for people to post a project for others to do, INSTRUCTING them step-by-step of what to do, to achieve creating the said project. This obviously doesn't even come close!!! With that being said, cool idea for a smartphone stand. Thanks.


4 years ago

it needs two small pieces of wood on both sides so the phone won't slide down to sides when the stand shakes

1 reply

Reply 4 years ago

I haven't had any issues with the my smartphone sliding off or shaking, like you mentioned. I use a Samsung Note smartphone on the smartphone stand, which is one of the largest smartphones in size on the market. Just make sure all three points of contact on the bottom of the stand are flat with respect to each other on the same plane. Also make sure the smartphone stand is at least one inch in width or larger and you shouldn't have any problems.