Elevated Corner Desk With Storage Area Beneath




Introduction: Elevated Corner Desk With Storage Area Beneath

For this project the following material was required. In the photo you can also see the loft bed attached to the elevated corner desk with storage area. The bed and the hidden room beneath it are not part of the present instructable.

for the storage area:

4 wooden beams 1 m X 9cm X 9 cm

2 wooden beams 2 m X 9cm X 4.5 cm

3 wooden beams 1m X 9cm X 4.5 cm

plywood 20mm 2m2

laminate floor 2m2

plywood 5mm for the front of the storage area (supported by frame 5mm)

for the desk itself

2 wooden beams 1m X 9cm X 4.5 cm

2.10 m X 60 cm X 20mm pinewood

60cm X 80cm X 20mm pinewood

2 supports 60 cm X 9 cm X 4.5 cm

1 support 30 X 9 X 4.5

for the bookshelf which is used to support the one side of the desk

pinewood 20mm 1 piece 1m X 40 cm, 2 piece 1m X 60 cm

3 shelves 40 X 20

metal conenctions and corners used.

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Step 1: Step 1: Assemble As Per the Photos

Simple Assembly of materials following the above pictures

desk 2.10 X 60.

In pictures 2 and 3

The vertical support beams have been installed.

The laminated floor has also been installed. (We have also used soundproof insulation underneath the floor.

Step 2: Step 2: Finishing Touches

Additional materials, wall sticker (tapestry) used for decoration

Istallation of cover for storage area.

Use of electrical pulling system for opening and closing cover. (the pulling system consists of wire rope, pulley and simple motor AC220/DC12V controlled by 3 positon switch)

Step 3: Step 3: Mode As You Like

For any questions feel free to ask. I will be happy to provide more info.

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    Nice! Great way to maximize space. I could have really used this in my last apartment.