Introduction: Elevator

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Made at the Tech Shop in Michigan 
May - June 2012
Amanda Ogryzek 
Corey Turcotte
Mini Elevator for Robot
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Step 1: Materials

Metal Studs
PL Premium
Gearing mechanism (bike)
Paint & paint brush
Screw driver
Solder & soldering iron
Three way switch
Wire cutters & strippers
Wire/MAR connectors
Tin snips
Measuring Tape
Chalk line

Step 2: What, Why, and How?

For my senior project in high school, I created an elevator for a robot in less than a week. The elevator was 60in. X 18in. X 18in. I made the elevator car, shaft, gearing, and a button to move it up and down. I split the project up into four separate parts: shaft, car, gearing, and button. The first thing I built was the elevator shaft.

Step 3: Elevator Shaft

Measure out the metal studs: 4 pieces at 60in and 8 pieces at 18in. or the size of elevator frame you want. Next, cut them using the tin snips.Create a rectangular prism with your pieces and screw it together. To make it a box, cut drywall to size and attach using screws to three of the sides and the bottom for a floor. For a finishing touch, paint the drywall.

Step 4: Gearing

In order to pull the car up and down, you will need a gearing mechanism. I found that a bike sprocket works well. After obtaining an old bike, grind off the sprocket section. You should relubricate the bearings in the bike piece you are using.You now grab your window motor. Make sure your bike chain and motor gears line up. Then, you want to mount your gearing contraption.

Step 5: Elevator Car

With such a small motor, your elevator car will have to be light weight. Making it out of styrofoam is a good route to go. To fit my robot nicely, I made it 18in x 12in x 12in. I made a hook for the top so I could attach it to the chain. I painted the inside to make it look more realistic. Last, attach chain to hook with string.

Step 6: Three Way Switch

Connect the three way switch so the motor can move in both directions as shown below. Make a housing for your switch and mount it on your elevator.

Step 7: Finished!

At this point you should have a completed elevator! :D

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