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Here is a nice tutorial to make Elf slippers for kids.I have used an old  baby blanket which is not the exact color for an elf slippers..It would have been great if it was red  with green decoration.Unfortunately I did not have any old garments  in these colors.So who ever wants to try out this easy sewing elf slippers use red and green the real elf colors.

When you make a  patterns, it's always nice to do a trial run through with an inexpensive fabric..... I've tried it out with news paper and it  really  turned out  nice. For these slippers you should use cotton batting as lining.In this winter season these covered slippers make the kids warm and cosy.

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Step 1: Requirements

What you'll need for elf slippers
Felted wool sweaters or blankets

Matching thread
Measuring tape
Top pins - not in pic
Fabric Paint
Sewing Machine (Not in Pic)

To create pattern
Ruler (option)

For Decoration
Crochet needle to match the yarn
wool for filling

Step 2: Create Pattern

Creating the pattern is the first step. This  measurements is  for a 4-6 year old.but I have done a bigger size for me. :)
Draw measurements on to a sheet of paper. Use my numbers as guides. Make the sole by tracing your child's foot. If your child's foot is smaller, you'll need to reduce the length of the slipper sides by subtracting from the heel side. The opposite advice for a larger foot. The important thing to remember is that each side must ease around the sole and match evenly at the center of the toe and heel. You can check the sizing by sewing up a quick sample out of  batting and try it on. They should be a bit roomy because the actual slipper is made out of two layers of thick wool.

Step 3: Cut Pattern

You will need a total of 8 sides and 4 soles to make a pair of slippers.If you are using a sweater try to cut with all pieces having the weave of the sweater going in the same direction.I have already sewn in this image  just ignor and see next step.

Step 4: Pin /sew

Pin all of your pieces together right side in, wrong side facing out.

1.   Sew up the top front seam.

2.   Sew up the toe seam.

3A.  Determine which side will be the outside and sew up the heel seam.

3b.  Sew up the heel of the liner keeping 1 1/2 inches unstitched in the center for "turning". See image.

Step 5: Pin Sole

Attach sole to slipper sides making sure that the front and back seams stay centered at toe and heel. I would recommend pinning at this stage, but it's not necessary if you're fairly brave and have measured accurately. Remember to keep all of the right sides facing in.

Step 6: Attatch Together

Sew the sole with the sides and sew together around the open top of the slipper. Sew them closed! It should look like in  this image

Step 7: Turn Inside Out

Now, all that's left is the turning of your slipper to the right side. Gently pull both slipper pieces through the opening in the heel. Poke the pointy toes out and into shape with a pencil eraser. Arrange the liner inside the slipper and sew up the opening with needle and thread.

Step 8: Decorate

You can add your own touch with needle felting, embroidery, buttons, etc.I have decorated with crochet.

Crochet a tiny ball ,fill with wool and sew it up on the point.Crochet little rounds for the sides.Two chain stitch and the rest are double crochet.Sew blanket stitches right round the bottom and on top.

Step 9: Secure

These are so soft and warm, but slippery too.  If you want to make them more secure on wild dancing feet, simply decorate the bottom of the soles with fabric paint and leave it over night to dry.

Step 10: Done

If any one make this lovely elf slippers please upload a picture.Would love to see it.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    They are lovely. You just gave me an idea to make a pair for everyone in the family. I can't wait for your entry to be accepted to vote for you.

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    5 years ago

    My son like this. I am going to do this lovely pair. Voted.

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    xpat73Samuel Aplin

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    These are to be worn at home.I call it as slippers.No fuss can be called shoes too.Either way.


    5 years ago

    hahahahahahah! Nice!!!!!!!