Eliminate Extra Extension Chord From Christmas Tree Topper

Introduction: Eliminate Extra Extension Chord From Christmas Tree Topper

My solution is easy and simple. This INSTRUCTABLE lets you plug your lighted STAR TOPPER into the Christmas tree light string, just like a bulb.

Do you have to run a separate extension chord from your Christmas tree star topper to have it light up ? Many times the Christmas lights don't go end to end (plug-in to plug-in end) so to enable your topper to light up, you have to run another extension chord down the back of the tree.  This INSTRUCTABLE fixes that problem.

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Step 1: Five Things You Need

You will need;
1) Black electrical tape
2) needle nose pliers
3) a Christmas ornament revolver / ornamotor
( these can be found in most stores for  5 $ - 10$. They usually come with special individual ornaments,  in their own boxes. They allow an ornament of your choice to revolve /spin slowly)
4)  Two plastic twist on connectors
5) Tree topper star that lights up ( or your choice of one)

Step 2: Simply Cut, Splice and Tape.

Cut the two wires between the top half of the motor spinner, (biggest part)  and the bottom half.

  (The bottom half is already designed to plug into the string of lights)

Strip the outer layer of plastic off of the wires for about a half an inch so they are ready to splice.

Discard the top half of the spinner. You Don't need it.

Step 3: Cut and Strip the Wires on the Tree Topper Star

Tree Toppers have a regular plug in, but they are low wattage.

Cut the two wires coming from the tree topper  about 2 inches ABOVE where the plug-in is. ( this leaves you  a long length of chord for convenience )

Strip the ends of both wires the same way you did the last ones.

Step 4: Now Splice Twist Them Together

Take one wire from the tree topper and one wire from the bottom half of the spinner/revolver  (that you kept) and hold them together evenly. Use a plastic twist connector to twist them together.

Do the same thing with the other two wires.

Now you have two sets of wires twisted together with two plastic SAFETY connectors.

Black tape around each plastic cap and wire pair ( for double safety)
Black tape around the whole bundle together, to make it look neater.

That's it.  Plug your Tree Topper Star into any plug-in socket on your string of Christmas lights. No more double chords down the back of the tree. : )

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Umm I think that might me a fire hazard. I have a better idea just start your tree lighting with a female plug at the top.