Elinor and Merida From Brave

Introduction: Elinor and Merida From Brave

I made Merida and Elinor costumes for my daughter and I for Halloween. We look the part, and love the movie. Both dresses were made without a pattern. Both costumes provided me with new challenges, but I had a lot of fun making them. The bulk of my costume was made from a tablecloth I found at a thrift store! I had been disappointed in the cost of fabric matching the style from the movie. However, this fabric matched it nearly perfectly. Total cost of my costume was $4.25. My daughter has so much fun in her costume. I made it larger, then took it in. That way the costume will grow with her. It has an extra 3 inches in the hem, and another 2nd half of her sleeves to attach when she's bigger, as well as a larger waist taken in. The pictures show the beginning of my dress, lots of alterations after that step, pardon the cat  he has to "help" me with every project. Another photo shows the detail of shoulders on my daughter's dress. The lacing on the neck and arms of the Merida dress were accomplished by making roughly 50 small braids out of embroidery thread. I couldn't find any ribbon to match the fabric, but embroidery thread matched perfectly. I made the braids, then braided 3 together to make each part of the lacing.

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    Oh, I love it! So beautiful! I can't believe you made them both yourself with no pattern!